King Avocado Food Service for 2018 will be opening soon!
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Consistent supply and quality – guaranteed!
Set on 160 hectares, with over 95,000 trees, King Avocado in the Far North is New Zealand’s largest Avocado Orchard.

Our warm climate, pure water and ideal growing conditions result in recognisably better quality avocados. And by sourcing from just one orchard, and managing every step of the picking and packing ourselves, we can guarantee consistent supply and quality.

We deliver 5 days a week direct from our orchard to your kitchen.

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The total fruit weight per King Avocado pack will range from 5.3 to 5.6kgs.  The number of fruit per pack will vary and depends on average size of the fruit contained.

Subject to availability you can choose from:

Medium Avocados 28 fruit average fruit weight 185 grams
Large Avocados 25 fruit average fruit weight 220 grams
Jumbo Avocados 18 fruit average fruit weight 315 grams


These avocados will store well for up to four weeks if placed in a normal 6˚C refrigerator. Fruit removed from the chiller and held at ambient temperature typically takes approximately ten days to two weeks to ripen to eating stage.


We welcome and accept payment by most credit cards.

Alternatively you can apply to set up an account however the minimum purchase required to secure and retain an account is $500 per month. Click here to access our online Invoice Account Application Form.